Thank you to all of the Community Members that participated by contributing a piece for the Time Capsule.

The Marco Island Center for the Arts is delighted to announce the upcoming evening reception and official closing ceremony of the Friendship 7-themed time capsule. This momentous event, scheduled for July 21st, pays tribute to the groundbreaking Friendship 7 mission and the awe-inspiring Apollo 11 moon landing. The reception will kick off at 5:30 pm at the Art Center’s Winterberry Drive location, promising a memorable evening of community spirit, and the preservation of Marco Island’s rich cultural heritage.

Board President, Jim Richards was the visionary who conceived of the idea of a Space/Time Capsule and he and his wife Allyson generously underwrote for permanent installation at the Art Center. Bosio Metal Specialists, Inc. created this time capsule themed and designed to replicate Friendship 7 in a suburb of Philadelphia PA with custom paint artwork by Tricked Out Custom Cycles and Wile-E-Designs.

The selected date, July 21st, stands as an iconic milestone in human exploration. It was on this day that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humanity’s first steps on the lunar surface during the historic Apollo 11 mission. Their remarkable feat, made possible by the command module piloted by Michael Collins, captivated the world’s imagination and forever transformed our understanding of what is possible when a group, crew, or community works together toward a goal. Moreover, July 21st also pays tribute to the impactful Friendship 7 mission, which occurred on February 20, 1962. During this mission, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, symbolizing our ability to reach for the stars and achieve the unachievable.

The evening reception, to be held at the Marco Island Center for the Arts, will be an exceptional occasion for space enthusiasts, community members, and art lovers to join in the celebration of the community of exceptionalism. The event aims to highlight the enduring spirit and achievements of the Marco Island community and the artistic expressions inspired by those who are part of the Art Center family.

The centerpiece of the evening will be the official closing ceremony of the Friendship 7-themed time capsule. This symbolic act, steeped in history, will mark the sealing of cherished mementos and artifacts representing the spirit of Marco Island.

We invite attendees to bring memorabilia or personal stories, enabling a collective sharing of experiences. It is through these connections that we honor the past, celebrate the present, and inspire future generations to reach for the stars.

Join us on July 21st at the Marco Island Center for the Arts for an evening of inspiration, art, and celebration as we close the Friendship 7-themed time capsule. Together, let us commemorate the indomitable spirit of Marco Island through a pandemic, hurricanes, and so much more that has defined a community and our Art Center since 2020.