Hannah Ineson

 Hannah Ineson works in several art media, from painting in oils, acrylics and watercolor, to clay arts.  As a long time teacher, she offers demonstrations and hands-on individualized help, with a dedication to helping the student find useful techniques for their own creative work. She has taught classes in both watercolor journaling and pottery for Marco Island Center for the Arts for several years, and also teaches in Maine in the summer. She has published A Guide to Sketch Journaling with Watercolor, and has an online course on the subject.

Her hand-built pottery is often highly textured and glazed with celadon or other techniques that highlight texture. A textured surface can enhance any clay form, wheel-thrown or hand-built. The current pottery class will feature many options for creating texture, from stamps and rollers to sprig-making on simple hand-built forms. Emphasis will be placed on design and composition.