Submit Your Work

Each year Marco Island Center for the Arts has several open calls to submit art for an exhibition in our Rush and Lauritzen Galleries.  These exhibitions are usually themed so that the art that is submitted has a general cohesiveness and will offer an artistic expression of the theme.  To submit your work for one of our CTA shows please print the submission waiver and tags and submit with the artwork at the time of intake.

Marco Island Center for the Arts is inclusive and provide equal and equitable opportunities for all artists who submit artwork.  All applicants will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status or other applicable legally protected characteristics.  We do not just accept diversity – we celebrate it and thrive on it for the benefit of all.  

Members Show: Artwork Reflecting Dali, Kahlo, Picasso & Rivera (Call To Artists Members Only)

Marco Island Center for the Arts Member Show will feature this year as a part of Collier County’s ¡ARTE VIVA! festival that celebrates Hispanic Art and Culture.  This show will offer our members the opportunity to submit artwork that reflects on the work of 4 artists Dali, Kahlo, Picasso & Rivera.

Intake for this exhibition will be March 2, 2023 10am-Noon

Pick up for this exhibition will be on April 5, 2023


Adult Student Exhibition (entrants must have been a student during the current year)

Marco Island Center for the Arts Adult Student Show will feature the work of our Adult Students in any medium.

Intake for this exhibition will be April 6, 2023 10am-Noon

Pick up for this exhibition will be May 3, 2023


One Endless Voice to Enhance Our Traditions (CTA)

Marco Island Center for the Arts  will host this two month call to artists exhibition that seeks to use art to express their traditions and cultures through their art.

Intake for this exhibition will be August 3, 2023 10am-Noon

Pick up for this exhibition will be October 4, 2023



The Center’s call-to-artist exhibits are open to all artists unless otherwise stated.



  • Audio Visual
  • Clay
  • Fiber
  • Glass
  • Graphic art
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed media
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture

Submissions are accepted either in-person or by filling in the form below.

The deadline for online submissions is one day prior and in-person same day submissions are accepted.

For in-person submissions, submissions can be accepted in person the day of intake however we ask that you please download, print, and bring in the waiver with your in-person submission on the day of intake.

Waiver for Call to artist paper submission.


3 piece maximum per artist in CTA gallery shows with the exception of the Adult Student and Member Shows where the maximum is 2 pieces per artist. Both diptych and triptych work count as 1 piece each.

  • Work must be original and not previously exhibited in the Center for the Art’s galleries or gift shop.* There will be no giclées or enhanced giclées allowed.
  • Work must be completed within the past three years.
  • Pieces must be for sale at a price set by the artist prior to intake.*
  • A 30% commission is retained by the Center for the Arts on all members’ sales, and a 40% commission is retained on all non-members’ sales.
  • All 2D work must be ready to hang with wires. Wires must be wrapped and taped and set to hang 3 inches from top of the frame. No saw tooth hangers allowed. 
  • All 2D work must be framed unless 1 1/2 inch deep Gallery wrap. Gallery wrapped-canvas must have no exposed staples and the edges must be painted and finished.
  • 3D pieces must be ready to display. Pedestals are limited.

Size limitations:* – Size includes the size of the artwork including the frame.
           • 2D/wall art: 36″ x 48″ maximum.
           • 3D/pedestal art: 14″ maximum foot print/base and 4′ maximum height.
           • 3D/floor art: 3.5′ x 3.5′ width x 7′ height.

  • Dirty or scratched mats or frames will not be accepted. All frames must be sturdy and presentable.
  • AV entries must be entered with their own projection & sound system, or on a laptop computer that does not exceed size requirements of other media.*

* Exceptions may be approved by the Executive Director and/or gallery committee at their discretion – Requests for exception to any of these rules must be made a minimum of one week prior to intake date. Art that has not been pre-approved will not be accepted upon intake.


All artists who participate in a call to artist show must pay the following entry fees: (no fees for the Adult Student CTA)

$20 for 1 piece

$25 for 2 pieces

$30 for 3 pieces


$25 for 1 piece

$30 for 2 pieces

$35 for 3 pieces


Submitted art will be judged in accordance with the specified theme and quality standards. Winners will then be chosen.

For each mixed media judged art show the Center for the Arts will announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and 2 honorable mentions. Winners will be awarded ribbons. No entry fee will be required for the Adult Student show but it will be judged and ribbons will be awarded


All work must be delivered directly to the Center for the Arts on the date and during the time provided on the call to artist schedule. Entries that arrive early, late or after show is hung will not be accepted. End-of-show pick-up times are listed on the Call-to-Artists schedule. (Exceptions may be made upon request by the Executive Director and/or gallery committee.)


Art receptions are held each month on Second Tuesday.


This is mandatory. At intake you will receive notification of what date to pick up your work. We do not have sufficient storage for all work, therefore all participants must make arrangements for pick-up or they may be charged a storage fee of $5 a day. The Center for the Arts is NOT responsible for work that is not picked up, and if after one month the artwork has not been picked up by the artist responsible it will be considered a donation and become part of our inventory.

To submit work for consideration for an exhibition in La Petite Galerie, please fill out the form below and click the NEXT button at the bottom of the page to upload required attachments (bio/cv, artist statement, and 3-5 jpegs of artist’s work).